Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement


Why is Your Family Medicine Personal Statement so Important?

According to the statistics data, among 17,000 medical school graduates in the United States, there were over 1,000 graduates who did not obtain a match during the formal period. Even more, half of these students failed to obtain a match after an informal period. For a better grasp of a situation, you need to realize that there is a deficit in the number of federally funded residency programs. And what is more important that the increasing enrollment of new students means that even more individuals will graduate only to face an even more limited number of available slots!

If you sit back and think for a moment then you will realize those other applicants that will be competing with you for a limited number of slots in a federally funded residency program that you need to be accepted into in order to start your medical career. You will realize that you are likely to be qualified with very similar grades and experiences as your peers.


The people that have to make the decisions who to accept, understand that almost all medical graduates are qualified for acceptance into a residency program. They also know that there are only a limited number of residency programs available at a particular institution. This is why so much weight is assigned to family medicine personal statement essays. This is the only venue where you are encouraged to enlighten members of the decision making the body in order for them to see you as a person and not just as an applicant.

This is their only opportunity to see who you are really. They will use your personal statement to ascertain if you are the best fit for a residency program. After all, they want to build a winning team as well as provide you with the hands-on training that you need. They are not looking to make you part of their team not just because you want to be a family doctor- they want to accept you because they see that you are dedicating your life to family medicine.

So How do you Get a Family Medicine Personal Statement that can Do All this?

We are a specialist writing service that specializes in helping you gain a major advantage over your competitors by writing your family medicine statement of purpose professionally, accurately and efficiently. We do not write websites or random essays along with a bunch of other stuff – we write personal statements for the medical profession and we know exactly how to do it.
By working closely with you we will discover all your relevant skills and experiences that are essential to providing a background of why you want to practice family medicine as well as showing that you are qualified to do so. We will then show what your ambitions are within the residency program and your future career goals.

We will include all of your strengths, such as teamwork or leadership skills and show that you can communicate with peers and patients so that decision-making committees will see that you are a well-rounded individual in the minds of those who will read your statement.


Why Should you Choose Family Medicine Residency Personal Statements from Us?

Hiring a writer from a non-specialist service is not a very good idea. It is quite likely you will be assigned a writer that neither understands your field of medicine or how to write personal statements for residency programs. This will result in a personal statement that will be far from adequate and is likely to be based on copied or plagiarized material.

Our writers are proven experts in their field and have written many successful personal statements. They know how family medicine works and they know how difficult it can be to apply to a residency program. Our writers will provide you with a highly targeted family medicine personal statement that will make the reader want to read it from the beginning until the end.

So if you are experiencing difficulty writing a family medicine personal statement, hire the experts and get a massive advantage over the other applicants for your residency program.

Our service is guaranteed to help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of being accepted into a medical residency of your choosing.

Work with Our Professional Teams for Your Family Medicine Personal Statement

We are able to fully support your needs through our proven team of professionals that are fully committed to helping you to gain the residency place that you want. Our teams are:

  • Writing team: our writers have a minimum qualification of a master’s degree and work within the specific areas in which they are qualified to offer their support. All have many years of experience working with residency ERAS applications and fully understand the processes that are involved as well as what the individual residency programs are looking for. Each is a proven consultant that has helped many other applicants over the years and they will always work directly with you to be able to carefully tailor your family medicine residency personal statement to your targeted program. Their highly personalized approach will ensure that you will always receive a statement that you can be proud of.
  • Editing team: how your statement is written can be just as important as the information that you include, often more so. Our editors are fully certified at what they do and have a proven track record of improving personal statements to make them more effective. They will work their way through your statement to highlight any issues and suggest enhancements to improve the readability of your statement.
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The Features of Our Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement Writing Service

Writing family medicine personal statement essays is simple and easy with our professional teams. Just look at all that they have to offer you:

  • Direct communication with the expert that is assigned to write your family medicine personal statement with you.
  • Unlimited changes to the draft statement until you are confident that it is right for submission.
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