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What Can Make Personal Statements for Emergency Medicine Impressive?


This article is intended to help students and medical doctors write an impressive family medicine residency personal statement for their specialization programs. Here are tips in order to ensure that you submit a high quality personal statement to get into top residency programs:

  1. Applicants must be able to understand that personal statements for emergency medicine play a crucial role in their admission. It is important to connect with your reader and you can do this by painting a picture in their mind. Appealing to the senses will help you stay memorable and relevant.
  2. Remember that a personal statement is not another version of your CV but this is an opportunity for you to inform the admission committee of your skills, expertise and competency to be chosen among hundred other applicants.
  3. Effective personal statements for emergency medicine will have a singular theme that ties together your experiences and goals. A personal statement will not only be reflection of your personality but will also show your core values as a person.
  4. Choose experiences in which you will highlight in your family medicine residency personal statement. Be specific when stating an event in your life and demonstrate its impact on your medical career.
  5. All details that you will include in your family medicine residency personal statement should revolve around a main idea. This should be able to demonstrate your commitment to the development and discipline of Family Medicine.
  6. Lastly, check the requirements of the residency program as they might need specific guidelines in writing your personal statement. In order for you to write good personal statements for emergency medicine, write brief and direct statements. Given that this is a medical school application, it is also best to include experiences in medical practice, achievements and contributions to the development of your field of expertise.